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Hi, I'm Wilco de Kreij

I'm an online entrepreneur specialized in marketing. Over the last 10 years I've launched, failed, succeeded, and sold all sorts of online ventures.

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About Wilco

Full biography is coming soon.

But if you really can’t wait, here’s the story in a nutshell… Started out at age 16 (2002) selling sunglasses online. After a few years I discovered Google Adsense, which is when I shifted towards online marketing. Over the years I’ve launched a ton of online ventures.

At this moment (2014) I’m mainly focusing on various SaaS (software as a service) businesses.

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Some Fun Facts

Some (random) facts about me & my businesses. Being an online entrepreneur I love to travel as well - so I couldn't leave that last one out!


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Over the years I've launched all sorts of online ventures throughout various markets, niches and countries. Below you'll find some ventures that I launched or joined in 2014 alone.


Facebook Contest Platform launched in May 2014. See www.ZoSocial.com for more details.


Facebook Video Platform launched in January 2014. See www.videosk.in for more details.

SEO Rank Monitor

SEO rank tracking platform which I joined (50%)  in June 2014. See www.seorankmonitor.com for more details.

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