Just got back from playing squash, which is about 20 minutes away from here by bicycle. As usual, I was listening to an audiobook on the way. About 10 minutes into the audiobook it finally hit me. I realized what I should.. no... NEED to change in my business and life ASAP. So let's start at the beginning.. In general, everything is going GREAT! Really, I can't complain in any way. I have everything I

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Every once in a while you see something that inspires you. Something that motivates you to keep doing what it is you do. This can be anything - a person, a story, a movie, etc. Myself, I get most of my inspiration and motivation from the stories of other people. People that have an interesting story to tell. People that try to make a difference. People that LIVE. Some of these stories are captured on video


One of my passions (besides online marketing) is traveling. I love to meet people, learn about cultures, enjoy the nature and experience new tastes. Since my work (online marketing) gives me the opportunity to work from wherever I want, I've been abroad for quite a bit: over the last 3 years I've spend half of my time abroad. Sometimes I travel without focusing too much on work, sometimes I'm primarily focusing on work, and sometimes

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