Just got back from playing squash, which is about 20 minutes away from here by bicycle. As usual, I was listening to an audiobook on the way.

About 10 minutes into the audiobook it finally hit me. I realized what I should.. no… NEED to change in my business and life ASAP.

So let’s start at the beginning..

In general, everything is going GREAT! Really, I can’t complain in any way. I have everything I could ever wish for: an awesome girlfriend, a nice house, lots of loving family and friends nearby, we travel a lot (going to Argentina for 3,5 months soon) and the business is doing really, really well.

I’m truly grateful for all of that.

And yet… there’s something wrong.

For the last few months it’s been a challenge to keep myself motivated..

And because of that, I’m less productive.

Yes – I still “get shit done” but not with the speed and accuracy that I know I’m capable off.

So yesterday – when I was riding my bicycle listening to “The 10X Rule” (by Grant Cardone) it finally hit me.

Of course I sort of knew it already.. but I mean.. It REALLY hit me why I wasn’t doing as much as I could.

I had set my goals way too low.

Every year I set goals and targets which motivates me a lot (I’m a result-driven guy).

This year is slightly different though… I’ve launched two software products (VideoSkin and ZoSocial) that the marketspace loves – which has it’s “financial benefits”, so to speak.

In other words… I crushed my yearly goals early in the year – while I’m used to work my ass off to hit my goals.

Of course I set new goals once I hit my previous goals.. but (for some reason) I was afraid to “aim high” so every time I’d just increase my goal slightly… knowing that I would hit that goal as well.

So without realizing it, my limiting beliefs were the main reason for my average performance.

That’s where the “10X Rule” comes into play.

Grant states that in order to get the very best out of yourself, you should multiply all your goals by tenfold. That way you’ll have to put 10 times as much effort in what you’re doing.

And it doesn’t matter what sort of goals you have.. This could be financially, family, relationships..

Whatever it is – set the bar much higher and aim for goals 10 x higher than what you think is achievable.

Yeah – you might not be able to reach that goal, but so what?

If you aim for the moon.. Even if you’ll miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.

Today I mapped out where I want to be (business + personal) and I’ve set my goals 10 x higher than what they were.

So why am I telling you this?

Because more likely than not, you have goals as well (this could be business-wise, but could also be on a personal level) – and I’d like to encourage you to step up your game as well.

Take a moment for yourself and think about your goals. Could you set them higher by tenfold?

Once you do that – you’ll have to put 10 times as much effort.. And that’s OK!

If you want to dive further into this concept, I’d recommend checking out Grant’s book. I just got started with it, and it’s already changing the way I look at things.

Have a great day ahead!


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